After suffering from near-death experiences, six individuals from six different formerly warring countries become psychically connected to one another. Chaos ensues.

act_1: chance ignition to crimson volition:

“1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 
Six people. One life.

In a post-war world where an energy source called vitae is coveted, six people suddenly find themselves psychically connected across national lines.

A prince, a swindler, a soldier, a pirate, a chieftain’s daughter, a peacekeeper. Feelings, memories, loyalties, self ― all are called into question. An assassination attempt, a border conflict, a missing peacekeeper, a shootout, a political upheaval ― how are these dots connected?

As these six individuals try to understand what is happening to them, they suddenly find themselves caught between the peace-keeping organization of Ophiuchius and a terrorist organization called ELPIS.”

The Six:

Olivier Chance. Ariesian prince. Orphan. Deadpan snarker. An apathetic adolescent with a past that literally follows him wherever he goes. Can actually…?

Cadence Morello. Geminian swindler. Works for the underground. A charismatic, affable person who plays people like cards. Thinks politics are a pastime for the wealthy. Dreams are worth sacrificing even people for.

Werner Waltz. Capricornian soldier. First Lieutenant. Nicknamed ‘Cold Eye’. Cold, calculating, critical. Appearances are everything. Nothing is left to chance.

Atiena Imamu. Daughter of sixth chieftain of Virgo. Bibliophile. Florist. Despises conflict and enjoys analyzing people and teasing them. Struggles between what she believes is right and what she believes is right for her people. Is secretly…?

Maria Gloria-Fernandez. Pirate from unknown lands. Self-proclaimed adventurer. Extreme solipsist. The world is made just for her to explore.

Jericho. An overseer and peacekeeper from the central state. Odd, blunt, straightforward with an almost quirkily stoic demeanor. Does not seem to pick up on social cues. A storm of rage seems to be bubbling just beneath the surface.

Hello, all!

I am a humble grad student who enjoys writing for fun. This story is an amalgation of several story ideas that I have developed over the years. I do go back and check for errors but I also consider this just a draft, so there may be some errors interspersed throughout. I’ll try my best to get to them though!