7.1: Olive’s Bravery (Codardia)

Re-cap: Ariesian Prince Olivier Chance, having spent the past six years rejecting everything after the Tragedy of Aries took away of his family, is now accepting that he must move on forward. After surviving an assassination attempt by the Watch and an attack by the former peacekeeperIzsak Wtorek, Olive has decided that he must completeContinue reading “7.1: Olive’s Bravery (Codardia)”

7.0: A Broker’s Concern (Malignit√†)

Re-cap: Synchronization has occured. The six main characters have come together to save the Ariesian Prince from an assassination attempt made not only by the Capricornian Watch but also by the terrorist organization ELPIS. Virgo is out of isolation, the traitorous Verga has been removed, the missing peacekeeping agent has been found, the Watch hasContinue reading “7.0: A Broker’s Concern (Malignit√†)”