Chance Ignition to Crimson Volition

“We need to stay on topic. Referring to incidents like these as ‘synchronization’ will aid our communication,” Werner interjected. He frowned and then suddenly looked tentative, cautious. “But I believe there are levels of synchronization.”
“The way we’re speaking to each other right now will be labeled as eighty percent synchronization,” Werner stated concisely.
“Why not one hundred?” Cadence asked to which Werner responded with a frown.
“If that’s the case,” Atienna murmured, “then would thirty percent appropriately describe when our thoughts cross, and perhaps sixty percent when both thoughts and feelings cross?” She glanced around timidly. “That’s… if I’m correct in assuming we’ve all experienced those things?”
Werner stared before nodding. “Yes, that’s acceptable.”

3.[]: Convergence, Six Chances Part 1