Copper Cadence for Solitary Maidens

Theta nodded his head towards the window. “Watch.”

The city lights started to flicker in unison. On and off, on and off—until they began to go dark one by one, patch by patch. The only things left burning bright were the v-lights sparkling on the Dioscuri Bridge. But they too started flickering, until they completely went out, leaving Matilda in terrifying, complete darkness.

A warm hand rested on her head.

“It’s all right,” Theta said. “Wait for it.”

A sudden burst of light from a city street below bleached the surrounding skyscrapers and buildings in light. Several streets away came another flash of light. And then another, and another, illuminating the city blocks in sporadic blazes of white and almost taking the place of the illumination of the city’s v-lights themselves. Oddly pretty.

“This is all for you.”

10.(): The People of Sin City, Six Chances Part 2