Contains spoilers for Part 1: The Synchronized Six and light spoilers for Part 2: The Illusionary Six

The () Six

Olivier Chance: Prince of Aries. And insults. Elementalist. A person motivated by guilt. A person pushed to move forward yet constantly being dragged backwards. Aims to return his sister to normal and gain information only accessible with a State Conducting License by taking the State Conductor Exam. Plagued by thoughts of self-doubt. Able to conduct without a conductor.

Cadence Morello: Ariesian-Geminian Swindler. Transmutationist. An associate of the Romano Family. A liar with few attachments. A gambler, but a truthfully cowardly person at heart. Tends to shift blame not only for herself but for others as well. Appearances are deceiving.

Werner Waltz: Capricornian soldier. First Lieutenant of the 212-Division of the Border Force. No nonsense. Appearances are everything. Hates disorder. His pocket watch is very dear to him. There’s a secret behind his gloves. He’s been a bit more lenient recently.

Maria Gloria-Fernandez: Mysterious pirate. Captain. Slight solipsist. The world fits in the palm of her hand. Lacks understanding but is trying to improve recently. With Conta’s help, she managed to create sea tall tale about herself. The Golden Beast. Says that she’s searching for someone but constantly gets side-tracked.

Atienna Imamu: Virgoan chieftain’s daughter. Her slyness is often mistaken for shyness. A person tiptoeing between black and white. Good at observing and reading people. She has seen how good intentions lead to bad outcomes and often wonders if choosing is truly the right choice. Recently, she has become more decisive.

Jericho: Ophiuchian peacekeeper. Specialist. Straightforward. Unable to read the room. Wears glasses. Has his eyes focused on the past which serves as his reason for living. Was indoctrinated into ELPIS at a young age and now seeks to eradicate them. Believes this will bring true peace. His social skills and view point of the world have improved recently.


Alice Kingsley: Former Libran citizen. Called the Ice Gate of Ophiuchus. Psychological Evaluation Department. Has a special attachment to Jericho. Part of Gabrielle’s inner circle.

Ferris Hart: former Cancerian citizen. Likes dying her hair. Assignment Department. Part of Gabrielle’s inner circle.

Flannery: a childhood friend of Alice and Talib. Claims to know everything. She is not an agent but hangs around Ophiuchus regardless. Part of Gabrielle’s inner circle.

Gabrielle Law: Former Ariesian citizen. Elementalist. Always looks tired. For some reason constantly referred to as having “a terrible personality.” Ambitious. Aims to levy control of Ophiuchus and implement a truly peaceful world. Often partners with Izsak. General Investigations Department. Recently she’s been out of office for several weeks. Some say she is on vacation but others…

Leona: A mysterious peace-keeping agent. The saint candidate of Leo. She was the subject of Jericho’s missing person’s investigation and was found in a cargo container on a ship Maria raided. She knows Maria is a True Conductor—whatever that is.

Moraeni: Former Piscese citizen. Was friends with Gabrielle and Izsak during the war. Part of Gabrielle’s inner circle. Conductor Licensing Department.

Roberto: Former Leonian citizen. Commerce Regulation Department. Part of Gabrielle’s inner circle.

Talib Al-Jarrah: Former Scorpian citizen. Manipulator. Extreme conspiracy enthusiast. Good with children but hates children. General Investigations Department.

Wtorek Elizabeta: Former Taursian citizen. Transmutationist. A family woman who is stubborn and determined. Part of Gabrielle’s inner circle. Medical Department.

Wtorek Izsak: Former Taurusian citizen. Conjuror. Loves his daughter, his wife, his job, his sheep, and Gabrielle. Exactly in that order. Met Gabrielle during the war. General Investigations Department. At some point was indoctrinated into ELPIS.


Augustus: the king of Aries. Olive’s uncle. An estranged relationship.

Marta: a conductor engineer working in New Ram City. Olive visits her shop frequently. Her inventions have recently caught the eye of Ophiuchus.

Terra: the queen of Aries. Formerly called the Blaze of the North. Nowadays she takes to knitting. Olive’s aunt. A slightly less estranged relationship.

Trystan Carter: a new Ariesian royal guard who was promoted to head royal guard and then to falsely-accused prisoner. Now, he acts as Olive’s personal bodyguard. Elementalist. Naïve but passionate. Tries to balance duty and reason. Very heated opinions.



Agape Rosario: A caporegime of the Romano Family. She runs several strip clubs, host and hostess clubs, and other businesses alongside the same line which act as money laundering fronts for the Romano Family.

Allen Foxman: Eldest head of the Foxman Family who run the ports of the Twin Cities. Likes money. Hard to read. Lives with many secrets. A man of few regrets and always seeking opportunities.

Alma: a pianist who holds a special place in Cadence’s heart. They haven’t seen each other in a very long time. Wants her talent to be recognized by everyone.

Astante: An information broker within the Twin Cities.

Bendetto: a capo of the Romano Family. He owns many establishments in the Twin Cities and rents spaces out to smaller businesses.

Carl Foxman: Middle head of the Foxman Family who run the ports of the Twin Cities. Likes scaring people and showing people who is on top. Likes thinking with his fists. Gets along well with his underlings.

Cavallo: Works under the Romano Family. Called the white knight of the Romanos. Promoted to capo position relatively recently.

Donato: an old war veteran with a bad leg who serves as one of the Romano Family’s capos. He’s the most amicable of the capos.

Feliciano: Donato’s son. Someone who boasts his father’s position, goads people into submission, and places too much value in himself.

Francis Foxman: Youngest of the Foxman Family who run the ports of the Twin Cities. Childhood friends with Cadence. Polite and courteous despite his profession. A heavy smoker. Recently has been thinking of the past a lot.

Fortuna Romano: one of the adoptive children of Ricardo Romano. Unlike her fellow siblings, she has stuck with the business and has ambitious aims.

Matilda: the leader of a group of orphans in the Twin Cities. Torn between desire and hate.

Nico Fabrizzio: Transmutationist. Son of the underground Doctor Fabrizzio and best childhood friend of Cadence and childhood friend of the Foxman brothers. Called crybaby Nico in his younger years. Tender-hearted. Has been transferred to Werner’s division and serves as a combat medic on the surface. Truthfully, he is acting as liaison between the Romano family and the Capricornian army.

Ricardo Romano: The don of the Romano Family. A strange man who seems both kind and cruel, generous and selfish. Has a fondness for children.

Verga: Works under the Romano Family. Mid-tier up the ladder. Always looks like he’s come from a funeral. Had been working with ELPIS to ship a mysterious package before his death.

Vincente: the chief commissioner of the Twin Cities, although he has a foot in the underworld himself. People say he is a suave and charming man, but recently he’s been…




Atienna’s father: a tired man with too much responsibility on his shoulders. Retired from his chieftainship of the Imamu Tribe.

Atienna’s mother: a woman with eyes always staring at some point in the distance. In her youth, she was very passionate and nearly compelled Virgo out of its isolationism. And then…

Bachiru Imamu: Atienna’s younger brother. Always wants to move forward. Believes the ends justifies the means. Slightly scared of Atienna.

Chiamaka: diplomat from the Maneno Tribe who is sent into Aquarius for a tripartite diplomatic meeting. An older woman who seems very wise and knowledgeable, if not a bit judgmental. Never seems surprised by anything.

Kabal: A Maneno Tribe royal guard sent to oversee Chiamaka.

Kamaria Imamu: Atienna’s younger sister. Devious and sly. A bit of a rule breaker.

Kichea Imamu: Atienna’s youngest sibling. Appears innocent and sweet.

Nia: one of the Imamu tribe’s royal guards that serves the chieftain family. A responsible, sensible woman who is bound to duty.

Sefu: one of the Imamu tribe’s royal guards that serves the chieftain family. Always hungry. Is accompanying and guarding Atienna on their journey into Aquarius for a diplomatic meeting.

Usian: Atienna’s former teacher and Kamaria and Kichea’s current teachers. Bachiru’s confidant. Ambitious. He was arrested for his politically subverse machinations revolving around Atienna’s poisoning. He was working with ELPIS and is currently detained in Ophiuchus.




Felix: Claire’s vassal. Feels a deep desire to prove himself. Hates being looked at. 

Ilseong Jin: Sagittarian saint candidate who serves in the Seong Clan. Saint of the Arrow and Direction. Claire’s aunt. A relaxed person who tosses around the phrase “my life is a shooting star” like it’s normal. Something about her unnerves Olive and Lavi.

Soha: Claire’s vassal. Serves the Yuseong family. A middle-aged woman

Beijixing Kai


Yuseong Eun-ji: Claire’s sister. Princess of the Seong Clan of Sagittarius

Yuseong Haneul (Claire): First prince of the Seong Clan of Sagittarius. Encountered Olive in Aries and played him like a fiddle in order to gain leverage for his country. In the end, helped Olive escape from assassins. Claims to still want friendship despite everything. Deceptiveness aside, he is a pleasant, considerate person.


Captain Weingartner: Werner’s Captain.

Derik Stein: Projector serving under Werner. A bit of a bully. Able to look Werner in the eye.

Emilia Bergmann: Earth Elementalist serving under Werner. A fair person who often intervenes without thinking.

Fritz von Spiel: A Capricornian Colonel. From a wealthy family. Believes money can resolve anything and everything. Suave and charming. Despises the brutality of the military and seems to not care about military politics at all. And yet…

Gilbert Wolff: Werner’s second lieutenant. Childhood friends. A man with many opinions and too little self-restraint. Gets along with people easily. Knows of Werner’s condition.

Klaus Klein: Conjuror serving under Werner. A bookish person. Bullied often. A very observant person. He discovers something rather startling about his first lieutenant.

Major Ersatz: Werner’s Major. A jolly man with dangerous ambitions. Respects Werner almost as much as Werner respects him. Has been arrested for attempting to disrupt the peace negotiations surrounding the Aquarian-Capricornian border conflict and for possible ELPIS involvement.

Otto Vogt: Projector serving under Werner. A shy, kind-hearted person. Bullied the most. Hesitant.

Wilhelm Fischer: Projector serving under Werner. Tends to use close-ranged conductors. Has a deep desire to prove himself. A yes man.


Alexei Drei: a diplomat from Aquarius. A well-mannered and suave man who clawed his way up from nothing.

Cvetka Akulova: Alexei’s advisor. She is very keen on the ongoing between all the countries. She sees a bit shy and somber, however. Perhaps, she’s even a bit pessimistic…. Or realistic.

Dunya Kramer: an Aquarian Captain. A proud woman. She was captured by Werner during the border conflict but was released by Maria who had overridden Werner.

Nikita Knovak: an Aquarian Sergeant. Always speaks before he thinks. Loyal. He was captured by Werner during the border conflict but fought alongside him when Major Ersatz revealed his true colors.

Sigurd : a member of one of Aquarius’s native mountain tribes. She serves as a bodyguard.

Yulia Kriska: Alexei’s secretary for the diplomatic meeting. Unsmiling.


Afu: a bodyguard from Pisces

Kalama: an advisor from Pisces.

Moana: a diplomat from Pisces.

Maria’s Ship

Conta: a childhood friend of Maria who constantly worries about her. Sticky fingered. Constantly stressed. Recently she’s been quiet and strange…

Emmanuel: a conductor engineer onboard Maria’s ship. When Oros took over, he did not betray her.

Giorgio: one of the sailors who served under Morandi who is now serving with Morandi under Maria.

Ley: a new recruit on board Maria’s ship who hides her face. She seldom speaks, but when she does she makes Maria laugh. She is very knowledgeable.

Raul: a chef onboard Maria’s ship. When Oros took over, he did not betray her.

Simon: a Monadic priest who is for some reason on board Maria’s ship.

Morandi: a Geminian sailor who was dragged aboard Maria’s ship. A dignified person. Works for the Foxman brothers. Eventually works for Maria.




Omicron: a heroic, charming, knightly person. Love makes them falter. Competitive. Location of tattoo: left half of face.

Iota: a person of passion. A person of hatred and vengeance. An extremist through and through. The ends justify the means. Tries to be manipulative. Location of tattoo: left hand.


Pi: a person full of regrets and contempt for their past self. Still, hoping for a better future. No matter what it takes. Location of tattoo: base of neck.

Omega: an unnerving person. Unnerving because of their distance to everything and everyone. Often referred to as a nihilist. Location of tattoo: back of neck.

Tau: a righteous person who has many opinions. Yells a lot. Accidentally bites tongue a lot. Believes in justice and punishment and that the darkness of human nature is something that can be conquered and controlled. Will go against loyalty in order to fulfill what is believed as just. Location of tattoo: roof of mouth.

Theta: a strict and bookish person who believes strongly in responsibility no matter how extreme. Has a fondness for children. A naturally inquisitive person. At the moment, they are the one who is directing ELPIS.


Hideyoshi: A strange tourist in Gemini

Louise Bonnefoy: A strange tourist in Aquarius

Renée: A strange Cancerian man Maria encounters in Pisces. Flirtatious.