Due to the complexity and parallel storylines involved in this series, plot aids have been provided to help alleviate confusion. These include a plot overview. Spoilerless for Part 1. Slight spoilers beyond.

Plot Overview

Part 1

Prince Olivier Chance has nearly been assassinated. Suspicion floods the royal hall, and it is believed a member of the royal guard is behind the attempt. Ophiuchian agents Gabrielle Law and Wtorek Izsak are sent over to investigate. All the while, Olive is haunted by a ghost of his sister who passed away six years prior.

Swindler Cadence Morello has been caught up in a deadly bar explosion. The bar belongs to the Foxman Family who shares close business relations with the Romano Family which she works beneath. She is tasked by the Romano Family’s Cavallo to investigate the reason behind the attack. In the backgound, a group of orphans rise up in the city.

First Lieutenant Werner Waltz is serving in the 212-Division of the Border Force at the Aquarian-Capricornian Border. Due to an issue involving territorial rights over a Vitae Resevoir that exists near the border, the countries of Aquarius and Capricorn have been involved in skirmishes for several weeks. Werner is given a mission by his Major Ersatz to meet up with an Ophiuchian negotiator as well as an Aquarian negotiator to manage the conflict peacefully. However, he is ordered to eliminate any Aquarian soldiers he finds along his journey there. In the background, Werner has discussions about a mysterious Watch with his major.

Maria Gloria-Fernandez is a strange pirate captain with a ship docked on the edges of Geminian Waters. She has recently raided a ship and has absorbed members of the ship onto her crew. She discovers a mysterious golden woman in the cargo of a raided ship. In the background, her crew whispers a sea tale of a dangerous Golden Beast.

Atienna Imamu is the bookish daughter of the chieftain of the Imamu Tribe. Her country enjoys peaceful isolationism but it appears as if the tides are about to change when she is poisoned. Internal conflict arises within her country as her poisoning is investigated. Meanwhile, she watches her younger brother become involved in something dangerous with her former teacher.

Jericho is a peace-keeper with an eye for vengeance. He is tasked with investigating the disappearance of a high-ranking peacekeeping agent who has disappeared in the Twin Cities of Gemini. He is partnered with eccentric Talib Al-Jarrah.

Part 2

Cadence Morello finds herself in the middle of a tenuous time in the Twin Cities when the union of the Romano Family and their rival Campana family—made possibly through Ambrose Campana’s (the Campana’s don’s son) proposal to Ricardo’s daughter Fortuna—is cut short when both dons are attacked. Cadence is ordered to investigate the Foxman Family whom she holds dear and the Campana Family by Fortuna for their possible involvement. As Cadence becomes more entangled in the chaos that begins to erupt from the cold war developing between the two crime families, she begins to realize that this conflict may be bigger than the city itself. Appearances are deceiving. And ELPIS looms in the background. 

Olive Chance is in Sagittarius studying for his State Conducting Exam. He is in search of the Bondi Temple due to it being hailed as a fountain of knowledge. He hopes to discover a way to get his sister Lavi back to normal through his research and through obtaining his State Conducting License, but instead discovers a succession war in Sagittarius courtesy of Claire Yuseong and Claire’s sister Eunji. He becomes entangled in this affair, and his search for knowledge lands him in a precarious situation and face-to-face with a mysterious saint candidate. 

After discovering the southern country of Argo that Capricorn borders and often skirmishes with has somehow gotten their hands on conductors, Werner Waltz is sent to the Twin Cities with Nico and a handful of his men to renegotiate the underground modified conductors deal the Capricornian Army has with the Romano Family. In the middle of all this, Werner’s identity as a True Conductor is discovered by one of his men. And with the main negotiator for Capricorn, Colonel Fritz von Spiel, present in the city as well and behaving strangely, Werner must try to gauge who he can truly trust—even when he realizes that he cannot even trust himself. In the background, ELPIS looms in the Twin Cities.

 Maria Gloria-Fernandez has a bounty on her head but ignores it in favor of focusing her attention on a job she has been hired out to do: picking up a package for the Campana Family of the Twin Cities. The package resides in a small sea-side town in Pisces, but Maria and her crew encounter desolation upon their arrival and they find the package missing. Thus begins Maria’s own hunt for the mysterious package and the bounty hunters that have stolen it. Meanwhile, a tale of a mysterious beast of the deep swirls in the background. This is paired with the odd behavior of two of her crew members—her precious Conta and the mysterious Ley, a new recruit.  

Atienna Imamu is in Aquarius acting as an advisor to Virgoan diplomat Chiamaka. They are accompanied and guarded by Sefu and Kabal, and their destination is a tripartite meeting between Virgo, Aquarius, and Pisces. They are, however, trapped in a cave in the middle of a snowstorm with the diplomats, advisors, and guards of the two other countries as well. as a mysterious woman from Cancer. Things go south when an advisor is mysteriously murdered. Atienna must delicately balance her inner dark thoughts as well as maneuver around individuals who wear false faces for a living in order to discover the secret behind the murder.

Jericho is unsure if he is at peace. Ever since he has become synchronized with the other five, he finds that his thoughts of vengeance against ELPIS have dimmed. That is until ELPIS finds its way into Ophiuchus and once again tears away something that is “important” to him. He then follows a trail in search for the heads of ELPIS alongside Talib Al-Jarrah and the saint candidate Leona— a trail leading to the Twin Cities.