「page 315」 ° 「On this particular page,a song existed with beautiful lyrics,and a moonlit, orange melody,whose tune everyone knew by heart,whose meaning no one understood.」 ° Atienna opened her eyes. A cat poster tapped to the ceiling met her gaze followed by the pastel blue walls dotted with paw-print stickers. When she swung her legsContinue reading “29.3:《A:C》Melody/Discord”


「page 311」 ° 「My writer once said that it was better bea foolish man who knows what he wantsthan a smart man who doesn’t know what he wants.I later asked if they simply meant it was better to bea person who knows what they want.It was only during that transitional periodthat I realized what theyContinue reading “29.2:《A:W》Convergence/Divergence”


「page 305」 ° 「I had a dream where I was a book.Unread and forgotten but inherently important.I thought my duty was to ensure remnants of the old world prevailed after the end.However, it was not the end.Only a transitional period.I was merely a bridge connecting the old world to the new.Once I arrived on theContinue reading “29.1:《A》Prosaic/Extrinsic”

28c: Insiders & Outsiders Enveloped Whole

(  ) “Virgo?” Maria perked up from where she was laying on the sofa in the corner of the room. “You will be taking El to Virgo?” Werner nodded as he fastened a conducting pistol to his belt. At the moment, he was standing in front of a long table that was topped with differentContinue reading “28c: Insiders & Outsiders Enveloped Whole”

27.3: Peaje Final: True Conductors & Saint Candidate [Meeting Point]

  Serpens Establishment, Ophiuchus “You have one arm, you never accepted the role of Saint of Victory, you’ve lost your weapon to me once, and yet you still want to face me?” Leona slipped gradually from Common into Leonian. Her eyes glowed behind her gas mask. “What’s your plan in facing me? To distract me?Continue reading “27.3: Peaje Final: True Conductors & Saint Candidate [Meeting Point]”

27.2: Segundo Peaje: Soldier, Advisor, & Swindler [Exit Point]

(        ) Cadence felt stretched thin between the other five—even more so than usual. A bit of tension on the nerves. A hair bit exhausting.  She’d been in Werner’s form for well over a day now. Rode the train to the Capricornian capital  to keep up appearances. Read over the letter WernerContinue reading “27.2: Segundo Peaje: Soldier, Advisor, & Swindler [Exit Point]”

27.1: Primer Peaje: Prince, Peacekeeper, & Pirate [Entry Point]

  Serpens Establishment, Ophiuchus The grounds outside the Serpens Establishment were eerily empty. Odd since the election results were to be announced just that evening—after Olive participated in the last round of votes with Claire. Odd since war had been declared just a handful of days ago. But also not so odd given the factContinue reading “27.1: Primer Peaje: Prince, Peacekeeper, & Pirate [Entry Point]”

27.0: Peaje Silencioso: Insiders & Outsiders [ ]

Re-cap: War brinks. In preparation for their plan against the saint candidates, the main six have reached out to potential allies. In the week preluding the ELPIS attack on Ophiuchus, they… Serpens Establishment, Ophiuchus “What do you think they’ll name their alliances this time?”  Scorpio’s words echoed through the black marble meeting chamber.  Leona foundContinue reading “27.0: Peaje Silencioso: Insiders & Outsiders [ ]”