26.3: Werner & Nico: An Indigo Affair

Re-cap Werner was sent by Scorpio to investigate possible True Conductors in the AAC movement. Unbeknownst to anyone, Werner had begun to medicate himself using chlorowheat in order to suppress the impulse to protect that was beginning negatively impact his daily life. After an episode overdose, however, his addiction was laid clear and he wasContinue reading “26.3: Werner & Nico: An Indigo Affair”

26.2: Cadence & Francis: A Copper Pact

Re-cap: Cadence’s lies have caught up to her. Concealing the fact that the Romano and Foxmans have been working together to ship out chlorowheat has led to a fallout between herself, Carl, Allen, and Fortuna and Francis. The chlorowheat’s reach has extended far beyond this, however, as it is revealed that Werner suffers from aContinue reading “26.2: Cadence & Francis: A Copper Pact”

26.1: Olivier & Claire: The Crimson Alliance 

Re-cap: Olive has agreed to help Claire locate the next Saint Candidate of Sagittarius so that Claire may become emperor and lift his country’s tariff on Capricorn. With the help of a Monadic priest—also suspected to be a True Conductor—named Lyrs, the two have located and captured Arjun, the potential saint candidate. During their journey,Continue reading “26.1: Olivier & Claire: The Crimson Alliance “

25.6: Advisor & Otro 

Re-cap: Atienna is in Lueur de Fée, Cancer alongside the Duke of House Etoile Aldéric Échecs and his brother Albertine Échecs. She is accompanying Dimka on a diplomatic mission and has Sefu at her side, but her true purpose is to find Louise Bonnefoy, the True Conductor. And that she does but not before witnessingContinue reading “25.6: Advisor & Otro “

25.5: Peacekeeper & Alianza

Re-cap: Jericho is traveling to Leo with Leona in order to support her campaign. He has lost another friend to saint candidacy, and the loss is on his mind as Leona and Gabrielle begin exchanging war stories. Some days later, Maria has finally confronted Alpha in Alfablanca. She struggles to save her crew who areContinue reading “25.5: Peacekeeper & Alianza”

25.4: Pirate & Origen

Re-cap: Maria has met with Proteus—someone who has also touched Jericho’s past—one month ago; and after a brief fight and taking her crew from her, he has invited her to meet him once again at the place of her origin in one month. Morandi has also fallen ill since then as has Werner causing MariaContinue reading “25.4: Pirate & Origen”

25.3: Swindler & Mentiras 

Re-cap: Cadence is now fully joined by Maria, Jericho, Tau, and Conta in her search for the children kidnapped by Alpha. Alpha has also stolen the Romano Family’s chlorowheat which the Foxman brothers had been shipping out for them unbeknownst to Francis. As her lies shroud those Cadence holds close and as the True ConductorContinue reading “25.3: Swindler & Mentiras “

25.2: Soldier & Olvido

​​Re-cap: Werner has been set on an operation to infiltrate the anti-Aquarian-Capricornian movement and to investigate two possible True Conductors associated with it: Matthias Alfhild and Constanza Groth. Accompanying him are Nico, Gilbert, Dunya Kramer, and Nikita Knovak. Soon, he discovers that his childhood friend Greta is also part of the movement. After successfully breakingContinue reading “25.2: Soldier & Olvido”

25.1: Prince & Candidato

Re-cap: Olive is helping Claire in his search for the potential saint candidate for Sagittarius—Arjun Gandiva Uttarētāra. Claire promises that once Olive helps him bring Arjun to his father and he is crowned emperor, he will end the tariff on Capricorn. This in turn—Olive hopes—will end Aries’s tariff on Capricorn as well since Aries andContinue reading “25.1: Prince & Candidato”