27.2: Segundo Peaje: Soldier, Advisor, & Swindler [Exit Point]

(        ) Cadence felt stretched thin between the other five—even more so than usual. A bit of tension on the nerves. A hair bit exhausting.  She’d been in Werner’s form for well over a day now. Rode the train to the Capricornian capital  to keep up appearances. Read over the letter WernerContinue reading “27.2: Segundo Peaje: Soldier, Advisor, & Swindler [Exit Point]”

27.1: Primer Peaje: Prince, Peacekeeper, & Pirate [Entry Point]

  Serpens Establishment, Ophiuchus The grounds outside the Serpens Establishment were eerily empty. Odd since the election results were to be announced just that evening—after Olive participated in the last round of votes with Claire. Odd since war had been declared just a handful of days ago. But also not so odd given the factContinue reading “27.1: Primer Peaje: Prince, Peacekeeper, & Pirate [Entry Point]”

27.0: Peaje Silencioso: Insiders & Outsiders [ ]

Re-cap: War brinks. In preparation for their plan against the saint candidates, the main six have reached out to potential allies. In the week preluding the ELPIS attack on Ophiuchus, they… Serpens Establishment, Ophiuchus “What do you think they’ll name their alliances this time?”  Scorpio’s words echoed through the black marble meeting chamber.  Leona foundContinue reading “27.0: Peaje Silencioso: Insiders & Outsiders [ ]”

26.1: Olivier & Claire: The Crimson Alliance 

Re-cap: Olive has agreed to help Claire locate the next Saint Candidate of Sagittarius so that Claire may become emperor and lift his country’s tariff on Capricorn. With the help of a Monadic priest—also suspected to be a True Conductor—named Lyrs, the two have located and captured Arjun, the potential saint candidate. During their journey,Continue reading “26.1: Olivier & Claire: The Crimson Alliance “

25.2: Soldier & Olvido

​​Re-cap: Werner has been set on an operation to infiltrate the anti-Aquarian-Capricornian movement and to investigate two possible True Conductors associated with it: Matthias Alfhild and Constanza Groth. Accompanying him are Nico, Gilbert, Dunya Kramer, and Nikita Knovak. Soon, he discovers that his childhood friend Greta is also part of the movement. After successfully breakingContinue reading “25.2: Soldier & Olvido”

23.2: Swindler—An Old War, Regresando

Re-cap: Cadence was comfortably living in hiding with the Foxman brothers and the Specialist children who had been used and abused by the Campanas. At least that was until two ELPIS Leaders Rho—who had the ability to excise acid-like vitae mist—and Nu entered the Twin Cities and whisked away the children. Only a couple daysContinue reading “23.2: Swindler—An Old War, Regresando”

22.3: The Soldier & The Black Orden.

Re-cap: Werner was invaded by the Saint Candidate of Scorpio. Following his infection, he was thrown to threshold of life and death while the other five took his place. At the threshold, he was tortured by Scorpio to near breaking point. However, in the threshold he also found Lavi who was revealed to be AriesContinue reading “22.3: The Soldier & The Black Orden.”

18.3: Family, 1600 Fortress

Re-cap: A gathering occurs at the convention in the capital of Capricorn. Gabrielle Law arrives with Talib Al-Jarrah, Alice Kingsley, Roberto Gonzalez, and Francis to arrest two generals on the premises. Maria, in search of her crew, arrives with Captain Weingartner, Friedhelm Heimler, Klaus Kleine, and Nico—the former two in search of their point ofContinue reading “18.3: Family, 1600 Fortress”

18.1: Second Lieutenant, 0900 Debt

Re-cap: Gilbert is caught in a stand-off with Leona who is after their hostage Dämon Forstchritt. Alongside him taking cover behind a conjured barricade are Captain Weingartner and Friedhelm Heimler, while the Sagittarians engage with Leona. Posted at the bridge above them are Alwin Brandt, Nico Fabrizzio, Derik Stein, Wilhelm Fischer, Klaus Kleine, and Dämon.Continue reading “18.1: Second Lieutenant, 0900 Debt”