26.[]: The Wtoreks & ELPIS: An Entente in White

Re-cap: Peacekeeper Wtorek Elizabeta and Saint Candidate Wtorek Csilla are in search of ELPIS Leader Gamma, also known as Wtorek Izsak. Okör Mountain Range, Taurus Csilla spotted him standing on top of the plateau overseeing the dip in the valley she’d been walking through with her mother for the past hour. She’d almost missed himContinue reading “26.[]: The Wtoreks & ELPIS: An Entente in White”

26.6: Jericho & Leona: A Colorless Forge

Re-cap: Jericho has been remaining inside Francis’s rooms and watching over the now imprisoned Alpha and Leona.  The steady beat of drums is resounding as a plan of escape boils beneath the surface. As the election, international conflict, and a potential ELPIS attack on Ophiuchus rapidly hurtle towards a meeting point, Jericho must decide howContinue reading “26.6: Jericho & Leona: A Colorless Forge”

26.5: Atienna & Albertine: An Emerald Agreement

Atienna remains uncertain about the decision the other five have made to resist the will of the Saint Candidates. Still, she acts alongside their wishes and befriends Albertine Echecs who has just become a True Conductor himself—in a bathroom of all places. As she fosters this alliance with him, something that has been long brewingContinue reading “26.5: Atienna & Albertine: An Emerald Agreement”

26.4: Maria & Leona: A Link in Gold

Re-cap: Choosing to face Proteus alone, Maria has lost not only her arm but also her grounding. As everyone prepares for a resistance around her, Maria— ( ) The bells continued to ring at the back of Maria’s mind long after she’d left the Monadic Temple behind. The sound reverberated from the base of herContinue reading “26.4: Maria & Leona: A Link in Gold”

26.3: Werner & Nico: An Indigo Affair

Re-cap Werner was sent by Scorpio to investigate possible True Conductors in the AAC movement. Unbeknownst to anyone, Werner had begun to medicate himself using chlorowheat in order to suppress the impulse to protect that was beginning negatively impact his daily life. After an episode overdose, however, his addiction was laid clear and he wasContinue reading “26.3: Werner & Nico: An Indigo Affair”

26.2: Cadence & Francis: A Copper Pact

Re-cap: Cadence’s lies have caught up to her. Concealing the fact that the Romano and Foxmans have been working together to ship out chlorowheat has led to a fallout between herself, Carl, Allen, and Fortuna and Francis. The chlorowheat’s reach has extended far beyond this, however, as it is revealed that Werner suffers from aContinue reading “26.2: Cadence & Francis: A Copper Pact”

25.6: Advisor & Otro 

Re-cap: Atienna is in Lueur de Fée, Cancer alongside the Duke of House Etoile Aldéric Échecs and his brother Albertine Échecs. She is accompanying Dimka on a diplomatic mission and has Sefu at her side, but her true purpose is to find Louise Bonnefoy, the True Conductor. And that she does but not before witnessingContinue reading “25.6: Advisor & Otro “

25.5: Peacekeeper & Alianza

Re-cap: Jericho is traveling to Leo with Leona in order to support her campaign. He has lost another friend to saint candidacy, and the loss is on his mind as Leona and Gabrielle begin exchanging war stories. Some days later, Maria has finally confronted Alpha in Alfablanca. She struggles to save her crew who areContinue reading “25.5: Peacekeeper & Alianza”

25.4: Pirate & Origen

Re-cap: Maria has met with Proteus—someone who has also touched Jericho’s past—one month ago; and after a brief fight and taking her crew from her, he has invited her to meet him once again at the place of her origin in one month. Morandi has also fallen ill since then as has Werner causing MariaContinue reading “25.4: Pirate & Origen”