29.[): 《F》Reminiscence/Repression「page 10」

「page 10」 ° 「The person leaving the house for work,the child heading to school,the wealthy man leaving home for vacation,the wealthy woman surrounded by earthly pleasures,the adolescent flipping through papyrus book pages,they are all running from something.」 ° “Ugh! Can you believe those two hooligans?” Cadence snapped, inspecting her nails. “How shameless can you be?”Continue reading “29.[): 《F》Reminiscence/Repression「page 10」”


「page 321」 ° 「The leader more reflects the people,than the people the leader.」 ° There was an ice cream parlor just outside of the field. The parlor was as bright and colorful as everything else in this place with a stripped red-and-white awning marking its entrance. A small patio with tables topped with pastel blueContinue reading “29.5:《A:M》Autarchy/Heteronomy”


「page 320」 「Fires were once startedas means of survival,a warmth that was shared,but now they are used,to turn to cinder,everything that came before.」 Given the length of the v-ehicle ride, Atienna was rather glad she had brought along her notebook and the portfolio Nico had given to her. She was able to parse through theContinue reading “29.4:《A:O》Ashes/Tinder”


「page 315」 ° 「On this particular page,a song existed with beautiful lyrics,and a moonlit, orange melody,whose tune everyone knew by heart,whose meaning no one understood.」 ° Atienna opened her eyes. A cat poster tapped to the ceiling met her gaze followed by the pastel blue walls dotted with paw-print stickers. When she swung her legsContinue reading “29.3:《A:C》Melody/Discord”


「page 311」 ° 「My writer once said that it was better bea foolish man who knows what he wantsthan a smart man who doesn’t know what he wants.I later asked if they simply meant it was better to bea person who knows what they want.It was only during that transitional periodthat I realized what theyContinue reading “29.2:《A:W》Convergence/Divergence”


「page 305」 ° 「I had a dream where I was a book.Unread and forgotten but inherently important.I thought my duty was to ensure remnants of the old world prevailed after the end.However, it was not the end.Only a transitional period.I was merely a bridge connecting the old world to the new.Once I arrived on theContinue reading “29.1:《A》Prosaic/Extrinsic”