5.2: Morello Conclusion

Re-cap: Cadence has sold out Matilda’s orphans street gang to the greedy, traitorous Verga and has set up the dominoes for their fall. Afterwards, she faces the judgments of Jericho and Werner. Things take a turn for the worse when she finds her childhood friend Nico among Werner’s prisoners. A deal is made with Werner,Continue reading “5.2: Morello Conclusion”

4.[]: Peacekeeper on the Verge

“Izsak? Oh, he’s a very nice man. His daughter is really cute… but his wife is a little bit scary. He conjured a box of sweets for me for my birthday once. It wasn’t too pretty and it tasted pretty bad, but it was a really nice surprise. At least until Talib said that theContinue reading “4.[]: Peacekeeper on the Verge”

4.5: Imamu Aeriation

Re-cap: Convergence has occurred. Influenced by Jericho’s rage and pushed by Maria’s observations, Atienna has lashed out at her younger brother Bachiru who she believed was getting involved in dangerous, violent things he did not understand. Chastised for not moving forward, not making a choice, Atienna must decide. Everything has boiled over. The next stepContinue reading “4.5: Imamu Aeriation”

4.4: Gloria Twist

Re-cap: Convergence has occurred. Maria has spent her time waltzing around the lives of the other five and has returned only to be challenged to a duel and surprisingly disarmed by the mysterious golden Oros. Maria’s crew members appear to be dissenting but she does not notice this herself. Maria’s carefree nature opens up aContinue reading “4.4: Gloria Twist”

4.3: Waltz Misfire

Re-cap: Convergence has occurred. Werner has just discovered that Maria had overridden him prior and had freed the Aquarian Captain Dunya Kramer whom he’d been ordered to execute for partisanship by Major Ersatz. He has no memory of this, but he is not one to panic. He still must act as a representative of CapricornContinue reading “4.3: Waltz Misfire”

4.2: Morello Bridge

Re-cap: Convergence has occurred. Cadence has assisted Olive in finding evidence to support the falsely imprisoned Trystan. Now, she can focus on the task at hand free from distraction. She has discovered that the children of Warehouse 13 and their leader Matilda had been previously hired by Verga to deliver modified conductors the man hadContinue reading “4.2: Morello Bridge”

4.1: Chance Direction

Re-cap: The convergence has occurred and communication has been set in stone. Olive has discovered that the other five can see the phantom ghost of his sister and a pitiful hope stirs in his chest. The assassination investigation occurring in the background and his bathroom conversation with Claire, however, weigh on his mind. New RamContinue reading “4.1: Chance Direction”

3.[]: Convergence

Re-cap: A phantom pain radiates out for the prince, the swindler, the soldier, the pirate, the chieftain’s daughter, and the peacekeeper. Although they are in physically different locations, the prince’s rings out to them loud and clear—“Enough already. You’re all going to listen to me. Here. Now.” The synchronization has begun. It hurt. Saints. ItContinue reading “3.[]: Convergence”

3.6: Jericho Brutality

Re-cap: Jericho and Talib are still in the Twin Cities investigating Leona’s disappearance. After a fruitless meeting with the Foxman and the Romanos, they follow an intuitional lead Jericho found through his psychic link to Cadence in Warehouse 13. Although Jericho has managed to save Cadence, their case has fallen flat once more. Twin Cities, GeminiContinue reading “3.6: Jericho Brutality”

3.5: Imamu Snap

Re-cap: Atienna continues to tiptoe around the brewing conflict surrounding her poisoning even after she witnesses her brother Bachiru discussing something of obvious political dissent with her former teacher Usian. She goes to the Great Tree of Virgo with her mother who was injured six years prior and encounters Werner Waltz through their psychic link.Continue reading “3.5: Imamu Snap”