5.5: Imamu Cultivar

Re-cap: Atienna discovered that it was her former teacher Usian who had whispered into her brother’s ear. With family in her heart, she headed after him only to be put at a crossroads of choice once more. Her former teacher saw right through her and carried on with his plan knowing that she wold notContinue reading “5.5: Imamu Cultivar”

4.5: Imamu Aeriation

Re-cap: Convergence occurred. Influenced by Jericho’s rage and pushed by Maria’s observations, Atienna lashed out at her younger brother Bachiru who she believed was getting involved in dangerous, violent things he did not understand. Chastised for not moving forward, not making a choice, Atienna needed to decide. Everything had boiled over. The next step wasContinue reading “4.5: Imamu Aeriation”