1.[]: Underground Doctor on the Battlefield

“Fabrizzio? You mean the old doc? No? Oh, crybaby Nico? Yeah, he runs with us. Don’t know how he’s a part of the business with an attitude like that. Always makin’ that sorry sad face. Morello always has to swoop in and save him.” Verga, member of the Romano Family “Hey, have you ever heardContinue reading “1.[]: Underground Doctor on the Battlefield”

1.6: Jericho Track

Re-cap: Peacekeeper Jericho has just been assigned an investigative mission regarding a Capricornian-Aquarian border conflict out near Gradstall. His evaluator Doctor Kngsley gravely has shown her disaproval of his joining of the mission due to his nature. As he prepared to leave Ophiuchus, however, he was pushed down the stairs and gravely injured by aContinue reading “1.6: Jericho Track”

1.4: Gloria Tango

Re-cap: Captain Maria Gloria-Fernandez, claiming to be an adventurer not a pirate, has raided a cargo ship. During the chaos, she was caught off guard by a sailor Conductor who detonated an explosive conductor near her vicinity. Aboard Gloria’s Grail, Geminian Waters “Captain, you really should rest!” “Rest?” Maria Gloria-Fernandez laughed merrily as she walkedContinue reading “1.4: Gloria Tango”

1.3: Waltz Target

Re-cap: Capricornian First Lieutant Werner Waltz is in the middle of a conflict between his home country of Capricorn and the neighboring country of Aquarius. After successfully implenting his planned ambush on a troupe of Aquarian soldiers, he was shot while trying to control one of his disorderly men. Capricornian–Aquarian Border, Capricorn The first vitaeContinue reading “1.3: Waltz Target”

1.2: Morello Introduction

Re-cap: Swindler Cadence Morello has been tasked to investigate an individual who has been siphoning off modified conductors sold by the Romano Family whom she is an associate of. She has tracked the man down to the TwinStars Pub and disguised herself as a patron. Just as she revealed the man’s and her own trueContinue reading “1.2: Morello Introduction”

1.1: Chance Connection

Re-cap: Ariesian Prince Olivier Chance, while attempting to escape what he deemed as a useless and boring lecture, has been shot by an Elementalist’s fire-laced arrow.The last thought on his mind was death, and the last person he saw was a mysterious young girl who watched him fall. New Ram City, Aries ― death? OliveContinue reading “1.1: Chance Connection”